Rules & Policies

Safety & Security Policies

The Valley View Casino Center is a public facility that hosts a diverse population of local residents and visitors for a variety of events, including concerts, family shows, sporting events, corporate rentals and other events. The Valley View Casino Center takes pride in providing a clean, safe environment for our neighbors to enjoy their favorite form of entertainment. Public safety is absolutely priority number one at the Valley View Casino Center and we rely on the cooperation and the good judgment of every person who enters the facility to ensure this level of safety.  This includes constantly re-evaluating our practices and making changes when needed.

Metal Detection Devices

In light of recent world events, we have opted to take additional measures in our effort to increase public safety within our venue. Along with the enforcement of bag size limits that have recently been introduced, effective immediately, we will be implementing the use of metal detection devices at all venue entrances for all events. In order to accommodate for this additional process, we ask that you please plan on arriving at least one hour prior to the scheduled start time of an event. While we understand that this may cause an inconvenience to some, we want you to know that we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to strive to provide a fun AND safe experience for all.

Disallowed Items

The following items are NOT allowed in the Valley View Casino Center under any circumstances:

  • Weapons, firearms, pepper spray/mace, flares or fireworks
  • Food, beverage, liquid containers, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers or water bottles (Each guest may bring in ONE (1) unopened plastic water bottle, one liter (1L) or smaller in size. Water must be clear/non-flavored)
  • Umbrellas
  • Workman’s Tool, pocket knives, or any other tools
  • Laser pens/pointers, flashlights, glow products (including but not limited to sticks, necklaces and bracelets) or laptop/tablet computers
  • Noise making devices: Air horns, cowbells, drums or whistles

  • Signs/Flags/Banners/Posters: May NOT be larger than 11″ by 17″ nor attached to a pole/stick
  • Wallet chains or studded belts/bracelets
  • Pamphlets or product samples
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets or chairs
  • Balloons, permanent markers or spray paint
  • Drugs or illegal substances
  • Video or audio recording devices of any kind
  • Any item that may be deemed potentially harmful
  • iPads/tablets

Bag Policy

Valley View Casino Center asks all guests to travel light. All persons and bags are subject to search. Oversized bags (i.e. backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, laptop bags, etc.) are prohibited. Bags (including handbags/purses) that are no larger than 14” x 14” x 6” will be admitted inside after inspection. Valley View Casino Center does not provide a general area to check bags, coats or any other personal belongings. We are not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen, or damaged. Some promoters, tours or events have policies specific for their events. Please check on individual event links for additional details.

No tailgating. This includes no playing hockey or other sports inside of the parking lot.

Additional Items Prohibited for Attendees of LED Events (EDM concerts):

  • Pacifiers, eyedrops, chapstick, lipgloss and lipstick
  • Pamphlets, product samples, fliers, decals and stickers
  • Professional cameras and equipment ( No detachable lenses/camera bags)
  • Camelbaks
  • Permanent markers or spray paint
  • Any item containing chemical fluids (including E-cig fluid)
  • Two-way radios

  • Drugs, illegal substances and prescription medicine (Aside from asthma inhaler with matching prescription) or other medications allowed unless approved by onsite medical personnel, see manager)
  • Candy necklaces, bracelets (beaded bracelets ok but subject to inspection)
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, hoverboards, helmets and/or chairs
  • Breathalyzers

Discouraged Items:

  • Light gloves
  • Make-Up (Powder, eye shadow, etc.)

Baby Bags/Bottles/Formula

Baby bags, plastic baby bottles, and formula are permitted into the building. Should the bag be larger than the approved bag size, guests may be asked to check the bag in to Guest Services (located on the Outer Concourse Sections 4 and 15).

Camera Policy:

Point and shoot cameras are permitted provided they are non-professional, intended for personal use and have a non-detachable lens less than three inches in length.  No video cameras are permitted. No flashes are permitted at any time. POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE PER EVENT.

Alcohol Policy:

No outside alcohol is permitted in the venue.  Consumption of alcohol in the parking lot is prohibited.

Searchable Items

The Valley View Casino Center reserves the right to search bags, backpacks, purses and persons to ensure public safety. All of the above items will not be allowed into the venue. People attempting to bring in items listed above will be asked to return them to their vehicle and delay their entrance into the venue.


California law prohibits smoking in public assembly facilities. Smoking is allowed in designated areas located outside select entrances to the facility. Please check with a Valley View Casino Center usher or security personnel for exact locations.

Acceptable Forms of ID

The Valley View Casino Center accepts the following forms of identification where alcohol is served:

  • Valid driver’s license from any of the 50 states
  • Valid ID card from the state of California only
  • Valid Military ID with photo
  • Valid passport with photo

Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased and consumed by persons 21 years of age and older with proper government-issued photo identification.